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Posted by purplemary54 on July 28, 2015

Fair Warning: This post isn’t exactly safe for work.  Or viewing with your grandma in the room.  Unless you have one of those really cool grandmas.

Nobody writes songs about sex like Macy Gray.  She makes it sound so happy and fun, I almost want to go out and do it again (but not really, ’cause I’m totally over that business).  Of course, this song isn’t exactly about sex.  Or, at least not sex with a person.

This is the most charming ode to vibrators I’ve ever seen.  Sure it’s the only ode to vibrators I’ve ever seen, but let’s not split hairs.  The video fits the sweet tone of the song perfectly with its Nick Jr.-style animation.  Don’t be confused by the childlike joy here, though; this is definitely a grown-up song about a grown-up subject.  But Gray is deliberately refusing to play into the typical tropes about sex.  This isn’t sexy in any of the stereotypical ways, and that’s what makes it so much fun.  She’s reclaiming pleasure for everyone be reminding us that it doesn’t depend on anything outside of us.  We can feel good, feel joy, feel sexual fulfillment, by loving ourselves.  Be unashamed and unafraid of someone judging you because you might be a little unconventional.  If you prefer to get your freak on without human companionship, that’s cool.  After all, your vibrator will never do anything to hurt you.  Unless the batteries are dead.


2 Responses to ““B.O.B””

  1. Sandee said

    This has me wondering about the number of songs about self-stimulation throughout the years. I bet there are some really cool and clever vintage ones from waaaaaay back.

    • I can only think as far back as the 70s and Jackson Browne’s “Rosie.” But I’ll bet there were some doozies back in the day. Music was a lot less inhibited, especially in the Blues.

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