“Too Much Time on my Hands”


I wish I had more time than stuff to do right now, but such is not the case.  School is going to be hectic for the next couple of weeks, so postings here at the jukebox are going to continue to be spotty.  Sorry, but I’m still getting back into the swing of things academically and I’ve got papers due in the next couple of weeks.

Of course, my ulterior motive for complaining about not having enough time is that I get to post this cheesetastic video by Styx.  I can pretty much take or leave the song; I don’t love it, but I won’t immediately change the station if it comes on the radio.  But the video is awesome in that early 80s, budding art form sort of way.  Styx were one of the few late 70s-early 80s bands that had some concept of what music videos could do for them, and they took advantage of it.  There’s no plot, mind you, and the special effects look like something I could do on my computer (in fact, I think I have used some of those effects in class assignments using computers).  But at least they tried to match the visuals and the lyrics, and had some awareness that they were performing in front of cameras (check out all the emoting in the “concert” footage).  And, hey, they were wearing costumes!  Unless drummer Joe Panozzo’s usual attire consisted of dressing like Gopher from The Love Boat.

Anything’s possible, I suppose.  It was the 80s, after all.

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