“Makin’ It”


Yesterday I made it seem like David Naughton made a Dr. Pepper commercial, starred in An American Werewolf in London, and then pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth.  While that’s not entirely true (as evidenced by his IMDB page), he also never hit it all that big.

Among Naughton’s many gigs, he had his own sitcom, Makin’ It, which tried to capitalize on the popularity of Saturday Night Fever by making an already slight plot even more slight and trivial.  The show only lasted nine episodes in 1979, but the theme song was a hit long after the series was cancelled.  “Makin’ It” the song made it to number five on the charts, and was immortalized in one of my favorite Bill Murray movies, Meatballs (I have a very low tolerance for stupidity in films, but this one got to me before I developed that particular flaw).

I love this song.  It’s just a bit of Disco-Pop confection, but it satisfies my musical sweet tooth.  The video clip I chose is kind of shaky in a nausea or seizure producing way, but if you’re not prone to either of those things, you should watch it to see some of the charisma Naughton exhibited as a young actor.  He’s very watchable in a non-threatening, noncommittal sort of way; you can pretty much take or leave him, but you won’t be sorry if you stick around.  As a result of this song, I’ve always had a soft spot for Naughton.  Yes, An American Werewolf in London is a good movie, and he’s great in it, but I’ve never had any emotional attachment to it like I do for this musical blast from my past.

2 thoughts on ““Makin’ It”

  1. Hi Mary! It’s so good to see your post after me being “away” for so long. I’ve missed you. I vaguely remember David Naughton in the Dr. Pepper commercials and, while I don’t think I’ve ever watched the entire movie, I know American Werewolf in London was his One Big Thing. I didn’t even remember that he was a musical performer. I must confess, I could only get :45 in before disco flavored, cotton candy sweetness got to me. That being said, it was fun while I could last, lol.


    • This particular brand of music is not for everyone. I tolerate it mostly because I liked it when I was a kid, and you know how that kind of stuff sticks with you. It’s good to see you back, too. 🙂

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