Well, the work on the house continues bit by bit.  Today, we got some electrical work done.  Nothing fancy–just some fixtures installed and repaired.  But I am quite pleased with the results.  They managed to fix an outlet in the dining room that hadn’t worked for I don’t know how long, and put a new one in the bathroom (right by the light switch. . . but my blue canary night light is staying in the other plug by the medicine cabinet).  And all the kitchen lights have been updated/repaired so that they all work.  It’s nice to be able to cook dinner without walking to the other end of the room to read a recipe because the light’s better down there.

The only bad part is that I forgot to get candelabra bulbs for my new chandelier, so I can’t see how pretty it looks.  It’s in my bedroom because why not?  It goes well with my style, which is just the tiniest bit eclectic.  The other light in the room is a small accent lamp that’s also a lava light, because, again, why not?  Don’t judge me.  It’s not like you have to sleep there.

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