Happy Thanksgiving!


You know what time it is.  Once again, give thanks and have a laugh.

Besides all the usual stuff, what am I thankful for this year?  I’m thankful for all the great music I’ve heard and will hear.  I’m thankful for real and virtual friends.  I’m thankful for dog shows.  I’m thankful for The Twilight Zone and good scary ghost stories.  I’m thankful for the endless cat videos on the Internet.  I’m thankful for all the books sitting on my shelves that I’m looking forward to reading.  I’m thankful for Coca Cola, my one true vice.  I’m thankful for Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, and all the other brilliant scientists for moving us forward.  I’m thankful for podcasts.  I’m thankful for DVRs.  And this time next year, I’ll be thankful that Donald Trump is not president.

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