“Beep Beep”


Today is the November 30th, the final day of Nano Poblano.  It was a fun ride this month, and I learned that getting back into the swing of posting regularly isn’t that hard.  This week’s gonna be busy, but I’m hoping to keep up the habit (I might start taking weekends off again, though).  School’s almost over, and I’ve got two final assignments due on December 8th, so a lot of my brain power will be heading that way.  I also enjoyed being a Tiny Pepper this month.  I’m not a huge joiner, but it’s always fun to be a member of a community.

Have I learned anything else?  Well, judging from my song choice for today, I’m gonna go with no.

I had this song stuck in my head all morning.  It wasn’t that bad, really, as far as earworms go.  It was one of those novelty songs I used to love to listen to when I was a kid, and it’s still kind of fun.

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