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Done With it All

Posted by purplemary54 on December 8, 2015

The title has a double meaning today.  I finished and turned in my final paper for the semester a couple of hours ago (a little before seven, so I was done in time to watch Jeopardy!).  And I have been steadfastly Not Thinking since then.  Not thinking about school or essays or archival theory or anything more taxing than which door to choose for the Big Deal of the Day on a Let’s Make a Deal rerun (the old ones with Monty Hall).  And I certainly haven’t been thinking about the results of my mammogram, which I finally got last week (Long Beach Memorial’s Breast Center does quite the brisk business, so it can be hard to get in for a routine check).  And I most definitely haven’t been thinking about the date today.

Okay.  I have been thinking about that last one.  Hard for me not to.  And I’m so fried right now that I couldn’t even listen to the song I chose, which is one of my favorites, because I’ll probably burst into tears.

It’s been extra hard for me this year what with all the shooting going on lately.  San Bernardino is a pretty good distance from my little house, but it’s not too far for me to feel heartsick for all the people involved.  And the fact that this incident has certain morons out there (yeah, I’m looking at you entire GOP, but especially Donald Trump) calling for completely ridiculous and xenophobic responses to what happened, but not for sane goddamn gun control has me seething.

I get that these two idiots with high-power weaponry were terrorists; the fact that they decided to gun down a bunch of innocent people in the name of their god (certainly not mine; the Buddha would definitely say that this incident was not Right action) has not escaped me.  What also has not escaped me is that if we had real gun control in this country–mandatory background checks, mandatory safety training and licensing, banned high-capacity magazines and automatic/semiautomatic weapons–they would not have been able to do what they did.  Period.  They might have gotten handguns and shot a couple of people, but it wouldn’t have been a massacre.  Gun control would’ve saved most, if not all, of those fourteen lives.

So I’m done.  Again.  Except this time I mean it.  No more reasoning with me.  Ban all guns, right now.  Repeal the Second Amendment; we clearly don’t understand what it means to have a “well-regulated militia” in this country if we’re happy to sell guns to terrorists.  And while we’re at it, declare the NRA a terrorist organization.  After all, a terrorist is someone who specializes in creating abject fear in people, and the NRA doesn’t seem to do anything except try to scare the pants off of everyone.  I should not have to think of an “exit plan” when I go to the mall or out to dinner.  I should not have to hear about grade schoolers doing “active shooter” drills.  I.  AM.  DONE.

And for everyone out there who thinks the response to this incident is to arm everyone and their dog to the teeth, remember: Instant Karma’s gonna get ya.


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