Natalie Cole


Well this is a really crappy way to start the new year.

It was announced today that Natalie Cole died last night at 65.  She’d been ill for several years, although she continued to work; she even released a Spanish language album in 2013.  While she wasn’t quite the singer either of her parents were, she was an effervescent performer and had a number of Pop hits in her own right.  She’d previously struggled with drug addiction–which was behind the illnesses she suffered later in life–but she’d come out of that darkness clean many years ago.

Many people in the last couple of decades think of her “duet” with her late father on “Unforgettable” when they think of Natalie Cole, but I prefer the woman I see in this early hit from the 70s.  “This Will Be” shows what she could do and the brightness she had in her style.

Like I said, this is a crappy way to start the new year.  Last night, I also heard about the death of Wayne Rogers from M*A*S*H, so it’s a double pop culture whammy.  They might not have had the star power they had at the peaks of their careers, but their work and lives will be remembered.

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