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“Under Pressure”

Posted by purplemary54 on January 13, 2016

BFF and I saw David Bowie in concert back in 2004.  (She’d bought tickets as a birthday present for me, in spite of our crappy track record buying tickets to events for each other for birthdays–there were a lot of cancellations before that Bowie show.)  It was a great concert, marred only by the extremely drunk people in front of us (do not ask).  The highlight was when Bowie performed “Under Pressure” with his bass player taking on Freddie Mercury’s part.

This clip is obviously not from any concert, but I liked the performance.  Bass player Gail Anne Dorsey does a terrific job singing (and playing) the song.  She’s not as strong a vocalist as Mercury was, but she owns her performance.  I remember listening in rapture to this at the Greek Theater.

“Under Pressure” is the only duet Queen ever recorded with anyone, and it says a lot that they did it with David Bowie.  It’s one of my favorites by either artist.

2 Responses to ““Under Pressure””

  1. noimnotok said

    Gail Ann Dorsey has a fucking amazing voice.

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