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David Bowie: His Music and his Legacy

Posted by purplemary54 on January 14, 2016

A wonderful tribute.

Every record tells a story


What will David Bowie’s legacy be?

There is (rightly) much talk about Bowie’s impact on popular culture. His greatest achievement might be that he made it okay to be one of the tall-short people, or one of the the fat-skinny people. A Mistake, Mis-shape or Misfit. An outsider. “You are not alone! Give me your hands” he sang on “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”: “You’re wonderful!”

Frankly, anyone who has the sheer brass neck to put on a dress and go walking about in Texas in 1971, as Bowie did at the time of “The Man Who Sold The World” deserves our admiration. To give you an idea how courageous that was in the USA and the South in particular, consider until the late ’60s Disneyland was still turning long-haired men away from their gates. Indeed, in Texas, one guy did pull a gun on Bowie, so threatened did he feel…

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