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Joey Alexander

Posted by purplemary54 on January 28, 2016

I didn’t intentionally go quiet.  I just got kind of distracted.  And I’ll probably be more distracted soon, because the new semester at SJSU has begun. *sigh*  I’m not sorry, just a little rueful that I didn’t get more reading done over the break.

But a couple of weeks ago–right before Rock legends started dropping dead–I was watching 60 Minutes and I saw a profile on this young Jazz prodigy.  And if you haven’t seen or heard him before, then let me warn you, Joey Alexander is very young.

This clip is a couple of years old; I think he’s all of twelve now.  And he is stunningly good.  Self-taught for the most part, too.  That is, I believe, what is known as genius.  Joey is remarkably composed and articulate for his age, also a sign of genius.  He knows his stuff.  What gets me most is the lightness of his touch on the piano, fingers seemingly weightless on the keys.  His playing style reminds me a lot of Vince Guaraldi; if I believed in reincarnation (and I do), I might think this is a rebirth of that great talent.

Keep your eyes and ears on this kid.  He’s going to do great things.


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