President’s Song


Sorry I went quiet again for a while there.  Nothing actually interesting has been going on–which is a good thing–but what has been happening caused me to retreat a little.

On my birthday, the place where I get my mammogram called and wanted me to come back for another mammogram and an ultrasound.  It’s just my damn cysts again, and I logically knew that, but lizard brain had to pitch a fit.  This has happened every single blessed time I’ve had a mammogram, and it’s really frickin’ annoying.  And my birthday was ruined, as was the weekend after; I had everything done the following Tuesday, and like I said, it was nothing but my damn cysts (I even got a piece of paper with “normal and benign” checked off).

I also saw some termites in the laundry room again, and I’ve been dancing around trying to get the termite people to come back and spray some more.  They’re insisting on doing an inspection again, and it’s been just the tiniest bit frustrating.  (It’s really hard to be zen about some things.)  I am relieved that the dozen or so I saw seem to be the only ones, but I still want it checked out.  Their earliest seems to be next Monday.  *sigh*

I got my eyes checked (between phone call and follow-up mammo), and my prescription didn’t change much, but I got some new spectacles anyway, along with my regular haircut.  (Not in the same place; I’m almost positive Lenscrafters does not include hairdressing as part of their services.)  And I’ve been getting back into the swing of the semester.  One of my online classmates is local (like within ten miles of me), and he works for the Long Beach Historical Society, so I might be doing some volunteering there soon (I’ll keep y’all posted on that).  Mom’s okay.  The cats are okay, although I did have to get Sasha another set of stairs recently so she could climb up on the couch with me.  Everything else seems to be status quo.

Sheesh.  This is a pretty long time to go without posting any music.  And the song I chose for today isn’t really related to anything else.  Heck, it’s barely even a song.  But Presidents Day is coming up, and I’ve always wanted to try to learn the exact order of all the presidents. I know Washington was first, Jefferson was third, and Lincoln was sixteenth.  I can name everybody from Teddy Roosevelt on out, although for some reason I always forget Harding.  But there’s all those guys in the nineteenth century that get kind of bungled up in my mind.  So here’s some presumably adorable children singing the names of all the U.S. presidents in order.  Just in case you wanted to learn them all, too.

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