A Peek Inside My Brain


I don’t pretend to fully understand how my brain works.  Although I can usually connect the dots between Point A and Point B, sometimes the route is so twisted and obscure that even I can’t make it out.  Sometimes I end up at Point B without ever even knowing where Point A was.  Case in point (as it were): Yesterday, for no apparent reason, this song popped into my head.

I admit I watched and enjoyed The Love Boat as a kid.  I’ll also admit that the theme song is one of the most recognizable TV themes ever.  Beyond that, I admit nothing since I’m not entirely sure what I’d be admitting to.

On a semi-related note, did you know that Fred Grandy, aka Your Ship’s Purser, aka Gopher, used to be a United States Representative for the good state of Iowa?  My father’s family is from Iowa, but none of them had anything to do with electing Gopher to the House of Representatives.  We’re strange, but not quite that strange.

5 thoughts on “A Peek Inside My Brain

  1. Totally picking up what you’re laying down. A week or so ago I caught a whiff of the strains from the theme to Hogan’s Hero’s and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I wasn’t humming it for days from one absent-minded moment to the next. I’ve heard a mind is terrible thing to waste but sometimes I not entirely sure what that means (Ha!). Oh well, just roll with it. Say hi to Julie and her clipboard if she starts populating your dream life.
    Until then,
    Dan in Chicago where it’s 62-Degrees on Feb. 19th!

    • It was in the 90s here in SoCal at the beginning of the week. *sigh* So much for El Nino. While I love the weird connections and associations my brain makes, it can get a little confusing sometimes. And now I have the Hogan’s Heroes them stuck in my head. Thanks.

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