So, Exactly Where is That Limit?


I just now saw the news that former Eagle Randy Meisner’s wife Lana was shot and killed in her own home in what is believed to be an accident.  While I’m glad that the mental health issues that Meisner has apparently suffered from for many years played no part in this tragic death, it still makes me wonder why for the love of all that is good and holy people still think that owning guns is a good thing.

I hit my limit with the idea that anyone should be allowed to own a single firearm of any kind a long time ago.  It took me a long time to actually take that final stand, but now I will not be moved from it.  Repeal the Second Amendment.  While the Founding Fathers had good, legitimate reasons for including a right to bear arms, we have long since lost sight of what it means to have a “well-regulated militia” and moved on into the insane idea that suburbanites need AK-47s.  We are not in danger of our government or military attacking us (unless Donald Trump actually wins the election; I might move very, very far away if that happens).  We don’t hunt for our dinners anymore.  And the guns that supposedly protect people are far more likely to cause their deaths via suicide, domestic homicide, or accidents.  Like the one that killed Lana Meisner.

I feel like I need to qualify my stance a little here.  I don’t just mean that the civilian population should be stripped of their weaponry.  I think most of the police and military shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns, either.  They’ve proven time and again that most of them can’t really be trusted to use these dangerous tools reliably or without bias.  (Yes, that is a direct reference to the unconscionable number of black citizens being gunned down by white cops.)  A small, highly trained elite force that undergoes regular psychological testing could still carry guns, but they would only be used in cases of, say, terrorism.  And for all of you idiots out there who think that taking their guns away would mean all the criminals and terrorists would suddenly run amok amongst us, remember that I’m in favor getting rid of ALL the guns.  That includes, and really should begin with, taking them away from criminals.  If someone has a gun illegally, they automatically get 20 years in prison.  No negotiating or plea deals.  Make it impossible for anyone to every purchase a gun again.  Close the gun shops.  Cancel all the gun shows.  Get warrants and take them out of every single fucking home that holds one.  Give the cops tasers and confiscate their service weapons. NO MORE GUNS!

I told you.  I. Am. Done.  This is where I draw the line.

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