Prince, Again


You know, I just didn’t want this one to be an overdose.  I knew it was; I knew it as soon as the autopsy was over and no one came out and said words like “heart attack” or “brain aneurysm.”  I knew it as soon as the rumor mill started generating stories about save shots and long-term hip problems and addiction specialists.  I knew it and I hated it.

I still do.

And I still hoped against all hope that it wasn’t an overdose.

With the toxicology reports in, we now know without a doubt that an accidental overdose killed Prince.  It just seems so. . . ordinary.  Musicians die of overdoses all the time.  Maybe I didn’t want it to be true because of the kind of artist Prince was.  He was so intensely creative, so exuberant, so different.  Prince was bigger than life, and this news of his death is so damn small.  So yeah, even though I knew this was coming, it hurts just a little more than it should.  We should be comforted knowing the cause of his death.  Instead, I feel like the Universe has done Prince an injustice, making this supernova shooting star all too human with all the accompanying frailties.

6 thoughts on “Prince, Again

  1. I’m just sad that he’s gone, but I know he’s cool, wherever he is. I love him to eternity. But as you can imagine, this kind of life that he led takes its toll. He’ll always be a “supernova” in my book. Hell, NASA named a purple nebula after him.

  2. It’s very sad indeed. A true legend and such a talented musician. Respectfully, on the note of opiates they are often to used to channel a creative energy and to improve ones artistic ability. This can be seen in history from poets to writers, and from musicians to painters.

    • I read somewhere once that musicians liked to use heroin (one of the worst opiates) because it made them feel safe; that’s an opinion to be sure, but it gives some kind of insight into the type of mind that seeks drugs like this. Regardless, I think Prince only used the drugs he used to treat medical conditions and pain, and any addiction and his accidental death were the hazardous results of this.

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