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Alton Sterling

Posted by purplemary54 on July 6, 2016

So how do you think the police will try to justify this one?  How does an immobilized, pinned down black man with two white cops on top of him even reach much less use a gun?  How does the fact that he may or may not have had a gun on him at the time he was tasered and tackled justify shooting him several times?

I’m angry that this has happened again.  I’m angry that black citizens are at greater risk of death from a police encounter than white citizens.  I’m angry that cops feel so afraid that they shoot first and ask questions later.  I’m angry that there are so many people who mistrust the police on principle that everyone starts their cell phone cameras the minute cops show up on the scene, and that so many of these amateur videos seem to show misconduct.  I’m angry that these cops “lost” their body cams in the struggle, when these could have provided vital evidence either justifying or condemning their actions.  I’m just angry.  Which makes this song seem just as timely as it did some thirty years ago.

I’m still a middle-aged, middle class white woman.  This song is still not aimed at me as an audience.  But I get it.  I want peace in the streets as much as anyone else.  I want people to trust the cops, and I want cops to be able to enforce the law without fear.  But that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I’m angry enough right now that I can’t articulate myself properly.  And I know that the evidence is still coming through in this case.  But I really, really hope this is the last time I have to hear a news story about white cops killing a black citizen without clear and present justification.


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