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“Someday We’ll Go All the Way”

Posted by purplemary54 on November 4, 2016

I did not know this song existed until a few minutes ago when they played it on Sportscenter over footage of the Cubbies victory parade and rally.  It is the only song that could celebrate this moment in history.  This video is a few years old, although it was updated recently.  I can’t wait for another update with this year’s Cubs team in it.

Being a Chicago Cubs fan has always been a special kind of agony.  I say this as an outsider, for I do not generally enjoy baseball.  But I have been on the Cubs’ bandwagon for several years now, rooting for their win because no one deserves to lose for as long as they have.  And win they did in what was even to me a gloriously exciting game seven of the World Series.  I’ve seen replays of the final out several times, and the emotion on third baseman Kris Bryant’s face as he threw that ball to first baseman Anthony Rizzo gets me every time.  He knew what that moment meant.  We all did.  Miracles don’t happen all that often.  It’s pretty great to actually watch one as it happens.



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