“Stacy’s Mom”


There’s a Cadillac commercial using this song, which I’d pretty much forgotten about.  Strange, since once you get the chorus stuck in your head, it’s virtually impossible to get rid of it.

Fountains of Wayne bassist/songwriter Adam Schlesinger says “Stacy’s Mom” is actually a tribute to the Cars, although the song reminds me more of Cheap Trick-style Power Pop.  (It’s no mistake that Schlesinger was a member of Tinted Windows; come to think of it, the only member of that supergroup that doesn’t make complete sense to me is James Iha.  How does a member of Alternative godfathers Smashing Pumpkins end up playing awesome ear candy?)  Of course, the Cars thing makes the video make a lot more sense.  The whole song seems very 80s, which the video obviously plays on.  It’s fun and goofy, and kind of sad.  Twelve-year-olds have absolutely no concept of, well, anything.  You have to feel for the boy character of the song.  We’ve all been there, after all.  An impossible crush on someone’s mom.  Or a teacher.  Or your dad’s best friend.  Or whatever.  Someone who seems so good-looking and so cool, and all you want is to be seen as something other than a kid.  So you try whatever you can to look as cool and grown-up as you can.  And it never, ever works.

I’m sure there were plenty of people disturbed by the replay of a pretty famous scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High involving the kid actors of the video.  Whatever.  I’d be more disturbed if they didn’t make it totally clear that all the attention Stacy’s mom is paying to this kid is all in his imagination.  After all, Stacy’s mom would be doing 15 years in prison if it were anything but a twelve-year-old’s very active imagination.