“We Are Family”


I mentioned yesterday that Kina nominated me for the “Sisterhood of World Bloggers” award, which is awesome and cool, so thanks Kina!  I’m so glad you enjoy what I’m doing.  I will keep posting as long as wonderful people like you keep reading.

Since this is an award about sisterhood, what better tune than the ultimate sister song, sung by a family of beautiful, talented sisters.  Kim, Kathy, Joni, and Debbie gave us one of the enduring classics of disco (no, that’s not an oxymoron).  This is also one of those party songs that everybody enjoys.  Play “We Are Family,” and I guarantee the dance floor will be filled.

This is also a nice place for me to say that all my readers and followers are like family, in a way.  You’re my online family.  For a very long time, I have used the internet as a way to escape people.  What I forgot is that there’s some really awesome people out there.  I’m glad I only spend some of my time escaping people on the internet (but I really have to stop reading comment threads on Yahoo! and Pro Football Talk).

And now I want to pass this wonderful “Sisterhood of World Bloggers” award on to a few fine sisters out there:

Summer Solstice Girl for her optimism and bravery–and in spite of the fact that she made me jealous with all the pictures from her Washington, D.C. trip a couple of weeks ago.

Trans*forming Family for letting us all share her and her family’s amazing trip with her transgender son.

Free Penny Press for her shameless advocacy of the Arts–and in spite of the fact that she’s a Cowboys fan.

And last, but certainly not least (she might even be first in my mind), the amazing Satchie!  She got her cool name because her mommy and daddy thought she was a boy at first, but we all know there’s nothing wrong with a little gender fluidity.  She is easily the most beautiful of all my blogging sisters, and smart, too.  (Can you tell I love cats?)

I know there’s a lot of other blogs I read that I haven’t included here (partly because some of them men, and this is all about the sisters doin’ it for themselves), but rest assured, you are all award winners all the time in my mind.

Part of the conditions for accepting this lovely award is to tell you seven things you don’t know.  Problem is, right now, I can’t think of seven things I haven’t already revealed somehow.  So here’s seven of my all-time favorite foods.  Since this is a music blog, food doesn’t come up a whole lot, so this is my chance to inflict my culinary habits upon you all.

1) Coke-a-Cola Yeah, I know it’s not really a food, but it’s my one truly bad habit.  And soooo wonderful!

2) Chocolate Chip Cookies Any kind, really, but home-baked are still the best.  Unless you burn them into charcoal briquettes, you really can’t screw up chocolate chip cookies.

3) Fried Chicken I don’t really need to explain this, do I?

4) Chinese No specific kind, since what I want really depends on my mood, but I could eat Chinese take-out three or four nights a week and not be sorry.  The place near us that delivers even has barbecued pork fried rice, which is a fave from childhood.

5) Mexican The nights I’m not eating Chinese could easily be spent eating Mexican.  I know it varies from state to state, both here and in Mexico, but I favor the particular style that comes out of SoCal.  Now I’m craving something with melted cheese and Tapatio.

6) Grapes When I was a kid, I thought grapes only came in the green seedless variety.  But I’ve found all the wonderful variations since, and I can eat them until I pop, frankly.  And you can make wine with them!  What’s not to love?

7) Cheeseburgers In my universe, there is no such thing as a burger without cheese (I’ve eaten them, but I didn’t like it.)  This is my go-to food when I’m recovering from being sick.  I know I’m getting better when I start craving cheeseburgers.

Now you know what to feed me if you ever invite me over for dinner.

Thank You!


The adorable Miss Four Eyes nominated me for a pair of awards a couple of days ago, but I neglected this wonderful honor because I had a series of September 11th posts planned.  I’m here now to accept these awards and say, “Wow, thanks!”

I’ll post some nice pictures of the “Inspiring Blog” and “One Lovely Blog” awards on my “About” page.  (Because I’m trying to be humble here. . . okay, not really, I just have issues with inserting images, as in, I kinda suck at it.  See, and here you all thought I didn’t post a lot of photos because this is a music blog.  No, it’s because I’m a bit of a Luddite who refuses to learn how to do some things properly.)

As part of the conditions for these awards, I must tell you seven things you don’t already know about me.  I’ll try to keep it clean.

1) I don’t know how to swim.  I had lessons as a kid, but was thoroughly traumatized when the instructor ignored my fear of the deep end and just chucked me in.

2) I have never walked out of a movie I paid to see.  But I really, really wanted to once.

3) I am a terrible housekeeper.  I only clean things when it’s absolutely necessary.  Or mold forms.  Whichever comes first.

4) I have never been to Catalina Island.  In spite of the fact that I live so close, I could practically spit on it.

5) I still own the first piece of clothing I bought with money I earned.  I can’t fit into it anymore, but I was so damn proud of that dress that I refuse to get rid of it.

6) I read slash fanfiction whenever I get the chance.  Look it up if you don’t already know what it is.

7) I have a slight obsession with socks.  They’re my favorite part of any outfit.  I own so many pairs, they take up two dresser drawers.


I would also like to pass these awards on to a few of my fellow bloggers.  Some of you may have already received these awards, so please feel free to ignore me.

Kira Moore for being generally spectacular and looking great in a wig.

Sword-Chinned Bitch for making me laugh and reminding me that anger can be a good thing sometimes.

Sailor Carrie because she loves animals as much as I do.

Dan because he writes so well and gives me things to ponder.

Amy because she’s a teacher, and they deserve all the awards they can get.  Oh, yeah, her blog’s okay, too.

I could have kept going for about a week, but it’s almost time for me to log in to work.  Happy day, everyone!