Freaky Friday: Don’t Panic


I shop at ThinkGeek on occasion (big shocker), and I get emails from them advertising sales and other assorted geekery.  Today email mentioned something rather dear to my geeky little heart.  36 years ago tomorrow, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy premiered on BBC radio.

You might be a bit curious about why I’d mark this particular anniversary.  I mean, it’s not exactly music, is it?  Maybe not, but as it was a radio program, I’m being rather liberal with my definitions today.  The other peculiarity that might strike you is that Hitchhiker is best known as a book.  Didn’t that come first?

No.  Douglas Adams originally conceived the story as a radio series.  After it’s success, it became a novel.  And then there was a sequel.  And another sequel.  Eventually, the Hitchhiker’s trilogy became the best five book trilogy ever published.  (Think about it.  I’ll wait.)

The novel was used as the basis for the later adaptations for television and film.  I will freely admit that I’ve never seen any of these.  I don’t have to; the pictures in my head from reading (and listening, although I’m most familiar with the books) are good enough.  It’s really just one of the funniest things ever created.  I’ve only linked to the first episode, but YouTube seems to have the complete series posted.  Good thing, too, since I think it’s out of production now.

So grab your towel, and enjoy the ride.