As Seen on TV: Craig Ferguson


A couple of days ago, I posted about going to a comedy club with the family for a birthday celebration.  I used a clip of the very funny Craig Ferguson to illustrate my hopes and dreams for a wonderful, laugh filled night.  (Sadly, those hopes and dreams were dashed because the headliner was rude to the audience and not all that funny.  The opening guy was okay.)  Imagine my surprise and sadness when it came out yesterday that Craig has decided to leave The Late Late Show when his contract expires in December.

Now anyone who’s been with me from the beginning knows I’m a fan of TV theme songs.  When Psych finished its run a couple of weeks ago, I mourned the end of one of the few really great themes left on TV.  We are now faced with losing what might actually be the last great TV theme song.

When he took over the show in 2005, Ferguson co-wrote and recorded a new theme.  It helped that he had a background as a musician (he played drums for any number of Punk/Rock bands in Scotland and England).  This is one of those bouncy, catchy numbers that used to precede virtually everything.  It’s also kind of sly and sarcastic, which I really appreciate.

I’m not really worried about what Ferguson will do with himself.  He’s just signed on to host a syndicated game show, and he’s got his own production company to keep him busy, in addition to still doing stand-up gigs on a regular basis.  Not to mention the multi-million dollar bonus he got for not being chosen to succeed David Letterman  (it’s called a “Prince of Wales” clause).  And now that his old bandmate Peter Capaldi will be playing the Doctor, might there be a future guest shot on a certain iconic British sci-fi show?  No, Craig will be fine.  I just hate losing the theme.

Got Live if You Want It: Comedy Club Tonight


We’ve got a family gathering planned tonight–dinner and a comedy club.  We’re celebrating my mom’s and my sister-in-law’s birthdays.  That’s why I’m posting even though I don’t really have a song.  But this was released on an album.  I think.

I can only hope at least one of the comics tonight is half as funny as Craig.  Otherwise, I’m going over the two drink minimum.



I just had to post this.

As many of you know, BBC announced the Twelfth Doctor on Sunday (in a broadcast that was carried live on BBC America, no less).  Scottish actor Peter Capaldi  was previously best-known for his role as Malcolm Tucker on a show called The Thick of It.  What most of you probably didn’t know (and I just found out about 10 minutes ago) is that Capaldi also used to be in a band with none other than Craig FergusonThe Late Late Show‘s charmingly self-deprecating host.

Now, Craig Ferguson is probably my favorite late night host right now.  I’ll always love David Letterman, and Johnny Carson is a god, but Ferguson’s brand of humor really appeals to me.  He’s also a total Whovian; he even has a little TARDIS sitting on his desk.  The news that his former bandmate has been cast as the Doctor must have tickled him all sorts of colors.  I read this on Dangerous Minds, so I did my own search on YouTube, and found The Dreamboys’ single “Bela Lugosi’s Birthday.”  The sound is dismal, but they weren’t half bad.

They were probably playing off the success of Bauhaus’ song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”,  but the Dreamboys’ song seems just a trifle more cheerful.  I’m going to have to keep an eye on who Ferguson’s guests are in the next couple of weeks.  I’m hoping he’ll get a visit from his Doctor soon.