Emanuel AME Church


I’ve been considering how to tackle this news all day.  I hate what has happened.  I hate that there are people out there who would deliberately mischaracterize this act of racist terrorism to further other political ends (I’m looking at you, Fox News).  I hate that the government of South Carolina continues to foster the racism that led to this horrific act by allowing the Confederate flag to fly in front of the state house in Charleston.  I hate that this lunatic was given a gun for his birthday just a few weeks ago—by someone who maybe should’ve noticed that he was kind of unhinged.  (It may or may not have been the gun used in the shooting, but that doesn’t matter; what matters is that a crazy racist was allowed to have easy access to weapons.)  I hate that there are nine people who are dead for no good goddamn reason.

The last time I remember using this song was back when the Sandy Hook massacre took place.  I will now repeat what I said then, and what I’ve said every single time a mass shooting has taken place since: Ban all guns now.  Ban them.  No more automatic weapons.  No more fucking assault rifles.  No handguns.  Nothing.  Anywhere.  Ever again.  Repeal the Second Amendment.  Formally outlaw the NRA as a terrorist organization.  I’m done.

I know there are people out there who will disagree with me.  And I grant you, wanting to repeal one part of the Bill of Rights is pretty radical.  But I am pretty radical, and it’s clear that this particular amendment has outlived any usefulness it might have once had.  Remember, back when the Second Amendment was passed, a majority of people still had to hunt for their food.  There was no standing federal army.  There were no regular police forces.  If something needed protecting, a militia was called up.  That’s what the phrase “well-regulated militia” stands for.  Well, now we have regular forces charged with protecting the citizenry; there is no need for any well-regulated militias among civilians.  Considering the way they’ve been acting lately, I don’t think 90% of police officers should be allowed to carry guns.  So let’s ban weapons for them, too.  Great Britain’s cops don’t carry weapons for the most part, and their homicide rate is a lot lower than ours.  Guns no longer have a purpose in our society, so it’s time to get rid of them.

Give peace a chance.  Please.