“Songs About Rain”


It rained a couple of weeks ago here in SoCal, and it’s getting ready to rain again tonight.  (This particular storm has already wreaked havoc in NoCal, but I don’t think it’s going to be as strong here.)  And since I don’t have much of import to say today, I’ll just post one of my favorite Country songs about rain.

Rain doesn’t depress me, and neither do sad songs.  And boy, is this song sad!  It’s an almost stereotypical Country tune about a brokenhearted guy who’s lost his girl (presumably he still has his dog and his pickup truck . . . sorry, part of an old joke).  I like the meta, self-referential aspect of this song, where Gary Allen name checks some classic Country songs about rain.  It sort of reinforces the blue mood, and makes it that much sadder.  Of course, there’s one song about rain I like that he doesn’t mention.  Maybe because it’s a bit happier.  If I remember, that’ll be tomorrow’s post.