“Water Under Bridges”


So I was tooling around the iTunes store last night, looking for music to spend money on, and I decided to see what Gregory Porter had been up to.  This song came out in 2013, but it hit me like a sledgehammer to the heart.

I cried.  The grief and ache in Porter’s rich voice just hit me so hard that the short preview had me in tears.  There really isn’t anything I can add.  Listen if you haven’t already.  Then listen to more by this unbelievably talented man.  You’ll never, ever be sorry.  (And I want to thank Sandee once again for turning me on to this dude a couple years ago.)

Bonus Song: “God Bless the Child”


I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to do a version of this song as good as Billie Holiday’s, but then I heard this by Gregory Porter.

Special thanks to Sandee for introducing me to this incredibly talented jazz singer.  “God Bless the Child” is the closing track from his 2012 album Be Good.  What a way to close and/or begin the new year.