Update for anyone who cares. . .


Cysts!  Granted, there’s several of them, and my doctor wants me to go to Long Beach Memorial’s Breast Center to have them looked at one more time and possibly drained.  But it’s just cysts.

So, now I get to feel a little stupid for freaking out, and I can relax a little. . .

Kool & the Gang gave us this awesome party anthem that never, ever gets old.  I’m not really a fan otherwise, preferring Earth, Wind, & Fire or The Temptations most of the time, but I love this song.  And I’m happy that even though I still have to go in one more time, it’s pretty much a clean bill.  I’m gonna do a little chair dancing while I listen to this one more time.  Check out the awesome white shoes.

“High Hopes”


Let’s be happy for a minute.  Not about anything in particular.  Just. . . happy.

It’s not something people do all that often, I think.  We all tend to associate happiness with things or relationships–and we gauge our own happiness by the state of these things or relationships.  But I think that places the responsibility on someone other than yourself.  I’ve discovered through a lot of heartache that happiness is dependent on no one but me.  Yes, things might make me feel happy.  People might make me feel happy.  But it is up to me to continue that happiness once that thing is gone or that person isn’t around anymore.  And when I look inside, way deep down to the place in myself that only I know about, I’m still happy.

So stuff might stress us out–money (or lack thereof), work (or lack thereof), love. . . you get the idea.  Technology doesn’t always work the way you want it to.  The pizza might be soggy.  The laundry might be piling up.  The whole world could be falling down around our ears (and frankly, if you watch the news, it just might be).  We can still be happy.

I think this is just adorable.  Sinatra looks like he’s having the time of his life singing with these kids.  This is also one of my favorite songs by Frank Sinatra, although I always associate it with Laverne & Shirley.  It’s not about happiness per se.  More like finding a way to be happy by solving whatever problems or obstacles might be in your way.  Happiness through accomplishment.  Or sheer stubbornness.  Sometimes I think that’s what it really takes to be truly happy: pure cussed stubbornness.  This far and no farther.

So stop and smell some roses.  Watch the sun set (or rise if you’re a morning person).  Listen to your favorite song.  Go to the movies or for a walk.  Then go home and do the laundry, reheat the pizza, and turn off everything but your smile.  Oh, and while you’re at it, pick up a rubber tree plant.  If an ant can do it, so can you.