Freaky Friday: “Too Many Cooks”


I saw this on Dangerous Minds late last night, but apparently it first aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block.  I’m not sure how much I want to say about this strange little clip, except that it’s very, very funny.  It also plays on my love of TV theme songs, as well as fond memories of my 80s adolescence.  Other than that, it really does need to be seen.  Otherwise, you might not believe anyone would be twisted enough to come up with this.

Yeah.  That just happened.

Repost: “Fish Heads”


I’ve been catching up on my DVR viewing (Sleepy Hollow is just as bananas as it ever was).  But I keep thinking I can smell tuna sandwiches somewhere.  I don’t know what that means.  But it led me back to this Freaky Friday classic.

I chose this old Dr. Demento standard by Barnes & Barnes for this weeks freaky post because I wanted to lighten things up after last week’s visit from The Residents. (Although, let’s face it, pretty much everything is happier than that freaky short film. Sorry if I actually freaked anyone out; that’s not actually the point of Freaky Friday.) Except the video for “Fish Heads” is a lot freakier than I’d remembered it being.

I’d buried this in the comments section quite some time ago, but didn’t pay much attention otherwise. “Fish Heads” is one of those songs meant to amuse and nothing more. There is no hidden meaning, no secret political agenda (although I’d like to hear it if anyone can come up with some kind of philosophy to attach to this one). It’s just a surreal little trip into the brains of Barnes & Barnes.

Art and Artie Barnes are actually former child star Billy Mumy and his childhood friend Robert Haimer (thanks, Wikipedia!). They got together as adults and recorded some weirdly funny songs and short films. “Fish Heads” is the best known, eventually becoming the most requested song in the history of the Dr. Demento show. There’s a whole backstory about the “twins” being from another planet, which explains the guys dressed in garbage bags with funky makeup, I guess. (I assume that’s Mumy and Haimler dressed up in lo-tech, low-cost alien “costumes.”)

Is there any redeeming social value to any of this? Well, it makes people laugh. That ought to be good enough for anyone.

Robin Williams


I had just finished my earlier post, and I went in to watch the headlines at 4:30pm.  I figured it would be some crime, or an update of the UCLA flood.  I never thought I’d see today’s news.

I will never laugh as hard and long as I did with Robin Williams again.  I have no words to express my shock and sadness.  My thoughts go out to all who loved him.

This is probably my favorite of his performances, maybe because it’s the first stand up show of his I ever saw.

The great concert of the afterlife just got a lot funnier. Nanu-nanu, Robin.

Freaky Friday: Don’t Panic


I shop at ThinkGeek on occasion (big shocker), and I get emails from them advertising sales and other assorted geekery.  Today email mentioned something rather dear to my geeky little heart.  36 years ago tomorrow, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy premiered on BBC radio.

You might be a bit curious about why I’d mark this particular anniversary.  I mean, it’s not exactly music, is it?  Maybe not, but as it was a radio program, I’m being rather liberal with my definitions today.  The other peculiarity that might strike you is that Hitchhiker is best known as a book.  Didn’t that come first?

No.  Douglas Adams originally conceived the story as a radio series.  After it’s success, it became a novel.  And then there was a sequel.  And another sequel.  Eventually, the Hitchhiker’s trilogy became the best five book trilogy ever published.  (Think about it.  I’ll wait.)

The novel was used as the basis for the later adaptations for television and film.  I will freely admit that I’ve never seen any of these.  I don’t have to; the pictures in my head from reading (and listening, although I’m most familiar with the books) are good enough.  It’s really just one of the funniest things ever created.  I’ve only linked to the first episode, but YouTube seems to have the complete series posted.  Good thing, too, since I think it’s out of production now.

So grab your towel, and enjoy the ride.

A Little Laugh for Monday


If this doesn’t make you giggle, then you clearly don’t have a sense of humor.

Monty Python always makes me laugh, and “The Lumberjack Song” is one of their classic bits.  There’s no malice in it, just their usual brand of insanity.  (The sketch that leads into this song is about a blood spattered barber trying not to murder his latest customer.)  I don’t think I’d still like it if it were the mean kind of humor that I see so much of these days.  That’s what set the Pythons apart, I think.  They made fun of everyone, but it was done cleverly and generously.  Some of their more political humor could get spiteful, but that’s only fair; politicians are pretty spiteful, too.  If someone was offended by a Monty Python bit, then I don’t think that person got the joke.

That’s about all I’ve got for now.  I’ve been trying to get some more of my house into order, so I’m a little off my game.  Enjoy the clip.