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Dream On

Posted by purplemary54 on August 28, 2013

This is enough of a song for today.

It’s been exactly fifty years since Dr. King made that speech in Washington, D.C.  What makes me sad and angry is that everything he says is still relevant today.  It’s been fifty years, and we are still dreaming of a time when the problems of racism, prejudice, and poverty are gone.  We are still dreaming of equality for everyone, and fair wages for a day’s work.  Things are better, but work still needs to be done.  Don’t think that the dream has been reached just because we have an African-American president.  The dream was always about more than one man climbing the mountaintop.  It’s about making it possible for all men and women to get the same rights and opportunities to succeed.

So dream on, brothers and sisters.


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