Ian McLagan


Boy, this has been kind of a shitty week for famous sidemen.  The latest is Ian McLagan, who died yesterday from complications of a stroke earlier this week.

To be fair, Ian McLagan was a full-fledged member of the Faces (or the Small Faces, depending on the lineup).  But after the Faces disbanded, McLagan become one of the more popular guests with other acts.  I got to see him onstage once, when he came out to join the Georgia Satellites for a couple of songs during a concert (it might’ve been a different concert, but that’s how I remember it).  It was pretty damn cool.

Like the other members of the Faces (Ron Wood and Rod Steward most notably), McLagan projected a feeling of easy, loose camaraderie.  He seemed like one of the guys you could go down to the pub with and have a few pints.  It seemed like he smiled all the time, like everything was just one big crazy party.  But that image belied his musicianship.  This guy probably could’ve played any song with anybody.  He was one of the greats, and I know he will be missed.