“Harper Valley P.T.A.”


Sometimes I just get a little bee in my bonnet.  Today’s bee decided to sting the morality police.

Y’all know who they are.  They’re the people who think it’s okay to tell everyone else how to live their lives.  They want to spread the gospel (not to be confused with The Gospel) of their narrow-minded little view of the world.  They think everyone ought to follow a certain set of moral rules–except of course for themselves.

I’m not criticizing any particular group, religion, or creed.  This kind of immoral morality seems to sprout up regardless of your persuasion.  It does seem to be most visible among certain groups, who shall remain unnamed, but there’s at least one in every crowd.  Religious people who regularly violate the tenets of their faith.  The “fiscally conservative” politician who freely spends taxpayer money on luxuries for him/herself.  The academic scholar who plagiarizes.  Throw a rock.  You’ll hit someone who thinks the rules only apply to other people.

I don’t like people like this, which is probably why I like this song so darn much.  I’ve got my own set of morals and rules, and I’m not gonna say I don’t screw up pretty regularly.  I try not to judge people who make honest mistakes, but people who deliberately try to impose their beliefs on others only to turn around and break their own rules are crappy excuses for human beings.

And I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Enjoy the rest of your evening.