Sort of Repost: “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”


Sorry I’ve been so erratic about posting lately.  There’s been a lot of stuff happening, and I tend to have less to say when I’ve got to worry about the real world.  The things?  Mom aggravated her back injury, but didn’t do any serious damage.  And I’ve got registration coming up for my first semester back in school, so I’ve been fretting over things like financial aid and textbooks.  I’ll be registering tomorrow, so hopefully that will all be cleared up soon.

It is, of course, graduation time, and this terrific speech John Waters made at the Rhode Island School of Design’s commencement reminded me of how much fun and how sensible some of these speeches are.  (Robert DeNiro also made a great commencement speech recently, but I can’t remember what school it was for.  Look it up.)  It also reminded me of a previous post I made for the . . . er, song, I guess, “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).”  It was based on a commencement speech made by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune.  It’s still good advice (really, you should wear sunscreen).  The video accompanying the Baz Luhrmann track is still silly.  But it’s also still worth the time.

And watch the entire John Waters speech.  That’s more than worth it.  Go out and fuck up the world beautifully.