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“Kickstart My Heart”

Posted by purplemary54 on October 28, 2012

Special Announcement!  The winners of my format change poll are: 1st–Freaky Fridays and 2nd–Live/Concerts/Documentary and Gone to the Movies/As Seen on TV (tie).  I’ll start with Freaky Fridays this week, and incorporate the other two as a rotating feature, either on Wednesdays or Thursdays, this week or the week after.  Thanks to everyone who voted, and remember I’m always open to suggestion.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Motley Crue (sorry, still haven’t figured out accents and umlauts) got their start in L.A./Hollywood, so I imagine having them play at The Whiskey again was a real treat for their fans.  They were at the forefront of the hair metal scene in the early 80s–complete with spandex, eyeliner, and Aquanet.  (Before CFCs got banned, aerosol Aquanet was the hairspray of choice for the teased, big hair that gave this little sub-genre its name.)  As they got older, they wore less make-up and more forgiving clothes.  But they still rocked pretty hard.

“Kickstart My Heart” was off their 1989 Dr. Feelgood album, which was really their last big commercial success.  Between their addictions and personal dramas, the Crue has been through a lot.  Even before they temporarily splintered, their success was hard-won.  They toured in the back of a van, played the rinky-dink clubs and bars, and drank their way around the world.  When they got big, they had to contend with a world that catered to their every whim, and frankly, they lost.  Heroin, booze, sex tapes, vehicular manslaughter, and goodness knows what else.  But they’ve dragged themselves out of every hole they dug (and a few that were dug for them).  They are all still alive in spite of their best efforts.  And they put aside any ego problems to get back together again because they knew they’d never be as good separately.  This song was recorded long before a lot of their worst problems, so it’s prophecy as much as it is remembrance.

“And to think we did all of this to rock.”


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