“Beep Beep”


Today is the November 30th, the final day of Nano Poblano.  It was a fun ride this month, and I learned that getting back into the swing of posting regularly isn’t that hard.  This week’s gonna be busy, but I’m hoping to keep up the habit (I might start taking weekends off again, though).  School’s almost over, and I’ve got two final assignments due on December 8th, so a lot of my brain power will be heading that way.  I also enjoyed being a Tiny Pepper this month.  I’m not a huge joiner, but it’s always fun to be a member of a community.

Have I learned anything else?  Well, judging from my song choice for today, I’m gonna go with no.

I had this song stuck in my head all morning.  It wasn’t that bad, really, as far as earworms go.  It was one of those novelty songs I used to love to listen to when I was a kid, and it’s still kind of fun.

As Seen on TV: “I’m a Pepper”


Hey, y’all!  I’m back!  It hasn’t been that long since I posted, and it’s not like I don’t have some ideas (I got some new music, and there’s always the massive collection living in my closet after all.)  But I’ve been saving my posts up because I became a Pepper for the month of November.

The lovely and wonderful Rarasaur (who is just as lovely and wonderful in three dimensions as she is on the interwebs) has recruited myself and a number of other bloggers for Nano Poblano, an easier to say name for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo. . . or something like that; her name is so much better).  The goal is to post something every day for the month of November.  This is good for me, because I have fallen out of the habit of posting regularly.  I like to keep the jukebox stocked with great music, and my lack of posts has been weighing on me a little (not too much, to be honest).  I’ve heard it takes about a month for something to become a habit, so I’m going to make the most valiant effort to post every single day this month.  That may mean a lot of reposts and quickies, but so be it.  I am determined to be an active part of the blogosphere again.

I chose this classic little bit of advertising cheese from the seventies because it relates to the quality of being a Pepper, not because I drink Dr. Pepper (it’s not bad; I just prefer Coke).  This is one of those classic commercial jingles that they just don’t write anymore–it’s another dying breed along with the great TV theme song.  David Naughton really sells it, too.  It was probably one of his earliest paying gigs as an actor, and it showed his potential.  After all, if he could convince people to buy a weirdly flavored soda, then he could do just about anything.  (“Just about anything” for Naughton turned out to be a great turn as a werewolf in An American Werewolf in London, but that was also pretty much the peak of his career.)  People of my generation grew up on this commercial, so I hope others feel just as fondly for it as I do.