“Come and Get Your Love”


My only excuse for being absent the last few days is that I’ve been busy.  And it wasn’t even all work.  Saturday night found me over at a friend’s house watching movies.  Now one of these has not been officially released on DVD yet, so the title will go unnamed.  (My friend is not quite as concerned with, um, certain types of downloading, which is why this friend’s name is also going unmentioned.)  But if you know anything about the movie, you already know what it is.

I had totally forgotten that this was a pretty darn good song.  I’d also totally forgotten that Redbone was made up of Native and Mexican Americans.  Well, I’d forgotten there were Native Americans in the band; I had no idea some of the members also had Mexican American heritage.  Makes sense, since they were originally from Coalinga, CA (near Fresno, site of a pretty nasty earthquake back in the 80s).  “Come and Get Your Love” was their only real hit, but it was a good one.

This song was used to great effect at the beginning of Unnamed Movie.  It helped set the tone and establish one of the lead characters.  Music can help make a good movie even better, and I think the soundtrack to this movie really helped it.  Oh, it would’ve been a fun and entertaining film without the music; the music just gave it that extra jolt of pleasure.  (Another awesome tune at the end had me doing a little couch dancing.)  The songs were obviously carefully chosen to complement the story.  So I recommend getting a hold of a copy just as soon as it is officially released.