Scott Weiland


Scott Weiland, the intensely troubled former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, has died.  TMZ is reporting that Weiland’s death was caused by cardiac arrest, but there is no word on what caused his heart to stop.

Weiland had a long history of drug abuse, which I’m sure at least contributed to his untimely death (he was only 48).  He came to prominence in the 90s with Stone Temple Pilots as part of the grunge movement.  STP were never a favorite of mine, so I never paid him much mind.  I did hear about his arrests and rehab attempts, and felt so badly that he couldn’t kick the habits that plagued him.  I’m not an addict myself, so I don’t fully understand the labyrinth of addiction.  But I do understand the difficulty of moving out of a rut, of changing engrained habits.  I don’t know what drove Scott Weiland so relentlessly that he had to find some kind of solace in drugs.  I only hope that there’s some peace for him now.