Repost: It’s Official. I am Really Only Five Years Old


Thanks to Final Jeopardy tonight, I now have a certain theme park’s certain ride’s song stuck in my head.  Thanks to this repost from the early days of the Jukebox, y’all can suffer along with me.  Consider Super Chicken an extra gift.  You’re welcome.

Although I got the initial inspiration for today’s post from Dan and Val, really, you all have no one to blame but me. I take full responsibility for inflicting this on my poor, innocent readers. I’m sorry.

Except for the part where I’m really, really not.

I am well aware that I am one of, maybe, five people on the planet who actually like this song. But “It’s A Small World” will always be a sweet and special experience for me. As a little girl, I was enchanted by the dazzling array of cute, chubby-faced dolls dancing in native costumes from around the world, singing about how “It’s the world that we share, and it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small world after all.” As a not-so-little girl, I am still enchanted, in spite of the fact that the whole thing is kind of cheesy, and my awareness that the world is not such a happy, dancing and singing kind of place. Maybe I still love this ride because of those things. Because even if the world is kind of screwed up, it’s nice to be able to disappear into a magical place where people really do get along and live in peace. It’s nice to believe that this kind of world is still possible.

(Yeah, it’s that same song, over and over, for 10 plus minutes, but this is how I’ve always experienced it. With some updates after the ride was renovated.)

This next clip is a reminder of when I used to watch cartoons instead of football on Sundays. It’s also an example of the surreal and stupid genius of Jay Ward (you know, the guy who blessed us with Rocky and Bullwinkle?). There is no other reason for it. It does, however, feature one of my favorite cartoon songs ever.

There’s a lot of Super Chicken cartoons available at YouTube. I’ll bet there’s some George of the Jungle and Tom Slick, too. These were a big part of my formative years.

There. I’m not sorry for still loving any of this. (But you might be. Feel free to not watch the Small World clip at all. I totally understand people’s aversion to this song.) And consider yourselves fortunate that I didn’t decide to post any Schoolhouse Rocks shorts.