For the People of Boston, MA


I don’t know how this song became such a symbol of reaching out to others in times of difficulty, but it has.  (Sadly, I think it might have begun when The Gap used the song as part of a series of holiday ads.)  So I’ll dedicate this today to everyone in the city of Boston, MA, especially to the victims of the senseless violence that occurred today and the people who came to their aid.

If you live in Boston and you’re still looking to connect with someone, check here.  If you want to help the aid effort somehow, click here.

Give a little bit.

“It’s Raining Again”


It promises to be raining off and on all weekend here in SoCal, and my internet connection gets a little fussy when it’s even a little stormy.  So if I don’t post, I’m okay.  I’m just stuck here with out my world wide web fix.

This was Supertramp’s last hit.  It’s a sweet little tune.  I always liked the fade out, with the children singing “It’s raining, it’s pouring. . . ”  Of course, they don’t finish that little rhyme.  Just as well; it’s not very happy.

Here’s hoping nobody bumps their head this weekend.