I don’t really have any specific song to riff about today, so I just thought I’d note a few things I’ve observed about the music world.

1) Jason Mraz (and Jack Johnson, and the rest of their easygoing ilk) makes me want to gouge my eyes out with spoons.

2) If it can be remastered, repackaged, and sold in a deluxe edition with extra tracks, a booklet, and a retrospective photo collage, it will be.  (But that begs the question, does the world really need an expanded edition of the Beau Brummels’ Bradley’s Barn?  I know there must be some Beau Brummels fans out there, but are there so many that the expense of producing this is justified?)

3) Today’s Pop music sucks ass.  I know, most Pop music has always sucked ass, but it’s worse now than it’s ever been.  Worse, because of the scourge of singing competition shows, virtually all of these singers/artists are interchangeable.  It’s especially prevalent among the women, where Lady Rhianna Beyonce Katy Colbie Sara Miley Ariana Taylor Demi Lorde rules the charts.  (Yes, I am aware that there are distinct stylistic differences among all these women, not to mention varying levels of actual technical skill; but they all sound the same to me.)

4) Justin Bieber really needs to get over himself.  Maybe someone should tell him his mother lied, and he really isn’t that special after all.

5)  I hate Rush.  I know that in some circles this is akin to announcing that I’d like to eat babies for breakfast, but there it is.  They are boring and obvious and pretentious, just like the rest of Prog Rock.  (Except for Neil Peart.  Neil Peart is bad ass.)

6) I’m sorry, but streaming music on {insert name of electronic device here} is not the same thing as owning something.  I don’t necessarily mean owning a physical copy of something, although I have immediately burned discs of downloaded albums that I think are especially awesome.  I mean possessing a copy in some form that will follow you wherever you go and is not subject to the whims of anyone else.  I think streaming services are just another way to screw the artists out of money for their very hard work while lining the pockets of corporations and suits.

7) The fact that Pink Floyd has a new album coming out just depresses me.  They stopped mattering so long ago, I’m not sure even their fans care anymore.  Besides, all anyone will want to hear during the tour is “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2.”

That’s really about it.  I know this makes me sound like some crazy old lady with too many cats yelling at kids to get off her lawn, but, hey, I’m still only middle-aged.  And I’m sure there are other observations floating around out there in the ether, waiting to start buzzing around my head like demented flies.  But I have a fly swatter and bug spray.

And get off my lawn!

Things I’ve Learned Watching the Olympics


The post I had intended for tonight will be temporarily preempted, and will be posted tomorrow when I have some more time to think about what I want to say.

While I was at dinner with my friend tonight, the Olympics were on the TV, so I got to see some of the diving (which I love).  But it got me thinking about some of the stuff that I’ve noticed or learned while watching the London games.

Apparently, there is both a professional water polo league and a professional handball league in Europe.

“Handball” as it is played in the Olympics is not a game of two people hitting a ball against a wall.  It is yet another weird hybrid of soccer and ice hockey.  I don’t like it.

Synchronized swimming, like most gymnastics, has lost all its grace and beauty.  Today’s synchronized swimmers look like they’re having seizures.

I have my own personal Olympic Brush With Fame.  Many years ago, when we were both students at Cal State Long Beach, I tutored Misty May (that was her name then).  She didn’t really need the help, but her instructor required a visit to the writing center as part of her course.  So I made a couple of perfunctory suggestions to what I remember was a pretty good essay.  Misty was polite, articulate, and very nice.  And she was an awesome volleyball player for CSULB.

Men play field hockey now.  And women box.

Gymnasts, because of the emphasis in the sport on being stronger and more athletic, are now all built like itty, bitty linebackers.  All the artistic, beautiful gymnastics I remember from the days of Nadia and Olga has been relegated to the rhythmic gymnastics (floor exercises with props like hoops or balls).

Speaking of gymnastics, the song NBC played as the theme introducing the U.S. team is pretty good (I’ll bet you were wondering how I would work music into this).  It’s by Phillip Phillips, who was apparently a contestant on American Idol.  I guess he won, so once in a while something worthwhile happens on that televised travesty.